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The Whales

The Humpback Whale is the most surface active displaying behaviour
that will not only inspire you but leave you in awe.


Gentle Giants Of The Deep

We are very privilege to witness one of the longest migrations in animal history right here in Brisbane’s Moreton Bay. Humpback Whales travel over 10,000 kilometres on their yearly round migration from their feedings grounds of the cold Antarctic waters to the warm tropical breeding grounds in sunny Queensland.

Of all the great whales, the Humpback is the most inquisitive and playful often leaping clear out of the ocean or slapping the surface with great fins and tail flukes in awesome displays of grace and power.

Humpback Whale Moreton Bay

Humpback whale pec slapping

Some of the most common Humpback behavioural patterns are:



The 45 tonne body rears out of the water with just a few beats of the tail.

Tail Slapping:

The whale forcefully slaps the tail in a horizontal or sideways movement.

Spy Hopping:

Whilst observing their surroundings, the whales poke their heads above the water and can hold this position for up to 30 seconds.

The Blow:

2 – 3 metres of cloud vapour you can see above the waterline.

Pec Slapping:

One or both flippers are raised and slaps down hard on the surface of the water.

Round Out Diving:

The back of the whale bends into the classic hump posture as the whale surfaces.


Distinct sequences of different sounds such as moans, groans, roars, high-pitched squeaks and chirps may be heard as Humpbacks communicate underwater.